The Ultimate Flight Experience Package - £199

Taking the first step into the exciting world of flight training is easier than you think. Don’t worry if you’re not sure how to become a pilot – let Yorkshire Aero Club give you your first taste of true freedom with our Ultimate Flight Experience Package. Either as the first step towards ongoing flying lessons lessons or just a one-off adventure into the big blue sky, the Ultimate Flight Experience Package is a no-obligation first lesson. After a brief introduction on how an aircraft flies and is controlled, you’ll step into the cockpit of a real plane and take to the skies. Imagine the roar of the engine as your two-seater Cessna aircraft rockets down the runway, lifting off into the air to climb high above the clouds.

Once airborne, our instructor will give you a real taste of what it is to learn to fly. You’ll even get to take the controls and guide the aircraft through the air. It’s a first experience that every pilot remembers! Whether you’re interested in pursuing further pilot lessons or want to give someone an awesome gift they will never forget, nothing beats taking the controls of an aircraft for your first time. Once you get a taste, it’s easy to start pilot training with Yorkshire Aero Club at Doncaster Sheffield Airport.

This package includes:
  • A pre-flight brief covering the intended route of the flight
  • Complimentary refreshments for the participant’s guests whilst the flight is being conducted
  • Day membership at Yorkshire Aero Club
  • Complimentary car parking at Doncaster Sheffield Airport
  • Dedicated flying time with a qualified flying instructor
  • Take control of the aircraft
  • A post flight photograph opportunity at the aircraft
  • A certificate of achievement signed by the flying instructor